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Power Washing Tip of the Day

Powerwashers, by design, can remove surface material, especially from concrete and wood surfaces. Inexperienced users can damage surfaces beyond repair quickly! Not sure? Hire a pro, here!

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Q: What kind of problems can occur with do-it-yourself pressure washing?

A: All kinds, really. From broken windows, to damaged vegitation to damaged surfaces due to too much washer pressure, and more. Siding manufacturers sometimes void their warranty if improper powerwashing is applied. It is best to consult a pro.

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Zip codes in IN starting with 474:
47401 Bloomington IN
47402 Bloomington IN
47403 Bloomington IN
47404 Bloomington IN
47405 Bloomington IN
47406 Bloomington IN
47407 Bloomington IN
47408 Bloomington IN
47420 Avoca IN
47421 Bedford IN
47424 Bloomfield IN
47426 Clear Creek IN
47427 Coal City IN
47429 Ellettsville IN
47431 Freedom IN
47432 French Lick IN
47433 Gosport IN
47434 Harrodsburg IN
47435 Helmsburg IN
47436 Heltonville IN
47437 Huron IN
47438 Jasonville IN
47439 Koleen IN
47441 Linton IN
47443 Lyons IN
47445 Midland IN
47446 Mitchell IN
47448 Nashville IN
47449 Newberry IN
47451 Oolitic IN
47452 Orleans IN
47453 Owensburg IN
47454 Paoli IN
47455 Patricksburg IN
47456 Quincy IN
47457 Scotland IN
47458 Smithville IN
47459 Solsberry IN
47460 Spencer IN
47462 Springville IN
47463 Stanford IN
47464 Stinesville IN
47465 Switz City IN
47467 Tunnelton IN
47468 Unionville IN
47469 West Baden Springs IN
47470 Williams IN
47471 Worthington IN

Serving these local neighborhoods:
    - College Commons Indianapolis IN - Rumford Eastway Manor Indianapolis IN - Spring Mill Heights Indianapolis IN

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