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Power Washing Tip of the Day

Not every cleaning chemical is right for every powerwashing job. Some cleaning compounds can damage surfaces or vegetation that are nearby. Not sure? Hire a pro, here!

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Power Washing - Your Questions Answered!

Q: What types cleaning chemicals are used with powerwashing?

A: This varies according to the project. In some cases where chemicals may cause damage to sensitive surfaces or vegitation, only water is the proper liquid. In other cases, a better cleaning can be accomplished with the right compounds. The cleaning solutions vary widely, based upon the material that needs to be removed. All products must be approved for use in power washing equipment. It is best to consult a pro.

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Zip codes in NE starting with 680:
68001 Abie NE
68002 Arlington NE
68003 Ashland NE
68004 Bancroft NE
68005 Bellevue NE
68007 Bennington NE
68008 Blair NE
68009 Blair NE
68010 Boys Town NE
68014 Bruno NE
68015 Cedar Bluffs NE
68016 Cedar Creek NE
68017 Ceresco NE
68018 Colon NE
68019 Craig NE
68020 Decatur NE
68022 Elkhorn NE
68023 Fort Calhoun NE
68025 Fremont NE
68026 Fremont NE
68028 Gretna NE
68029 Herman NE
68030 Homer NE
68031 Hooper NE
68033 Ithaca NE
68034 Kennard NE
68036 Linwood NE
68037 Louisville NE
68038 Lyons NE
68039 Macy NE
68040 Malmo NE
68041 Mead NE
68042 Memphis NE
68044 Nickerson NE
68045 Oakland NE
68046 Papillion NE
68046 Omaha NE
68047 Pender NE
68048 Plattsmouth NE
68050 Prague NE
68055 Rosalie NE
68056 St Columbans NE
68057 Scribner NE
68058 South Bend NE
68059 Springfield NE
68061 Tekamah NE
68062 Thurston NE
68063 Uehling NE
68064 Valley NE
68065 Valparaiso NE
68066 Wahoo NE
68067 Walthill NE
68068 Washington NE
68069 Waterloo NE
68070 Weston NE
68071 Winnebago NE
68072 Winslow NE
68073 Yutan NE

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